Interactive Visualizations

Spatial representation

Plannings become spatially accessible


Intuitive content modification in realtime


Photoreal graphics and 1:1 scale

  • Spatial representation

    Plannings become spatially accessible

  • Interactivity

    Intuitive content modification in realtime

  • Realism

    Photoreal graphics and 1:1 scale

Modern solutions for planning and communication


Interactive realtime visualizations institute undreamed-of possibilities for companies to let their clients experience their products. Be it architectural plannings, products, technologies or concepts; with the help of modern technologies like virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) your ideas will be brought to life. Intuitive, spatially and creatively accessible for your clients, these are flexible, appealing and high-quality solutions that every user experiences uniquelly.


Architectural visualization

Move through your planned premises before the first brick was layed down. Design and configure the interior, furniture and materials. Feel as if you were actually there. Experience your plannings like it was meant to be.

Product design

Experience your products still in the planning phase in virtual reality. Use the possibilities to design, configure and experience your concept spatially.



Conserve ressources, save cost, working sustainably but still staying flexible and innovative; these are the objectives of modern companies.
Use the capabilities of digital technologies to your advantage! Why waste ressources to build another model house, when your clients could experience your premises also virtually and completely free and individually? Why expend materials to build another prototype of a product that you could present even better, more high-quality and more flexible virtually? Why not just be state of the art?


The ideas, concepts and technologies could be implemented into various areas. Architects, prefabricated house or modular house producers, product designers of any industry; everyone who want to act ecologically, economically and socially with conviction; in short: act sustainably, can’t deny the advantages of the proposition.
Be it as a expansive marketing tool, as eye-catcher on a convention, or as a completely different use-case; the possibilities are not restricted to the obvious. See for yourself!

Virtual reality

Through the use of virtual reality the spatial perception increases and the visualization becomes a immersive experience for the user. It feels like really standing in the virtual room where you can move freely and intuitively.


Interactive possibilites

Which table suits the room the best? How do the rooms feel empty vs. furnished? Do we install parquet or tile? All of these questions can be answered still in the planning process and before the start of construction. Modify furniture and materials, switch between different furnishing scenarios. Discover the possibilities!

Visual quality

What used to take expensive and time-consuming comptutations can be experienced today in realtime. State-of-the-art-technologies offer the photorealistic representation of rooms and objects with the highest flexibility. Utilitzing undreamed-of potential to optimize the planning process as well as the communication internally and with the client.